Thursday, May 26, 2011

Global climate change is happening. People can deny it all they want, convince others that it’s not true. But no amount of kicking and screaming and denial is going to make this mess we have made untrue. When did it all go wrong? I don’t know anyone who has that answer though I don’t doubt there are countless people dedicated to finding that out. Regardless of how it started and where we took that first step, I think the point is really that it wasn’t one giant step but thousands of small ones that have lead to where we are today.

Missouri Flood Victum, source unknown

How is this related to food and health? Well that might be the easiest correlation in the world! Small insignificant choices, can lead to bad habits and future catastrophic health problems. Much like the earth as a whole our bodies are systems, start messing with the little things and eventually there will be no turning back. So even if you don’t understand the bigger issues of local food, whole cooking, exercise, avoiding processed foods, etc. that is no excuse to avoid it. Knowledge is empowering, use your right to free information and your ability to make changes in your own life to help yourself now. You’ll be happy you did later on in life.

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