Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Burlington, Part Uno

I am out in Vermont this week for work, and much to my delight we are finally conferencing in a place with decent food. I love traveling and even like doing it for work as I get to see alot of the country. But my body hates it. Decent food is harder to find outside of my Northwest bubble than I ever would have guessed 5 years ago. But I now find myself in Burlington and a happy camper.

Nearly all of the resturants are displaying "Farmer and Chef Alliance" placards wich denote that the resturants first and formost buy local and in season. All the coffee shops I have walked by are local organic roasters and many are even certified green buildings. My favorite place so far is the City Market, which is a local organic grocery. I am keeping track of all the amamzing things I have found and will put together a guide to sustainable Burlington to post in case any of you even make your way up here, which I highly suggest.

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