Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Blips

It is mid-term times again for me. Chemistry this term and sadly its kicking my butt. The funny thing about truly learning something is that it has to be relevant for it to take meaning and be remembered. I can see how what I am learning now will help me understand the bigger classes like Organic Chemistry down the road, but right now it’s all just gibberish. Despite where the future takes me, I am really a hard time convincing myself that I am going to need to know how to calculate the molar mass of an Ammonuim Ion in my head, with no tools or research material. But alas, I memorize on, which is why posts have been a no-go this week. Instead here are some interesting things that I have come across. While the new makes it seem like the world is spiraling down into a pit of doom and gloom, there are still some pretty neat things happening out there.

-A town in Maine is the 3rd town recently to pass a law that keeps the federal government from interfering with the growing and sale of local food to the residence of the town. The means side stepping all the red tape and neighbor Sally can sell her fruits and veggies or whatever else she wants at local markets. In small communities where people know one another, it’s the equivalent of getting produce from your friends personal gardens, just people get to make some money and everyone gets tastier homegrown food even if they have the anti-green thumb.

-In case you missed it Google is investing up the wazoo in sustainable energy. Wind farms and solar farms a-go-go. I thought it was nice to see tech giants (who use a good deal of electricity) investing in smarter energy choices.

-Some government folks in NY are on the path to building solar panels over the state landfills, while the garbage problem may not be going away maybe some of their coal power dependency and rolling blackouts will.

-Also in NY it is legal for private citizens to have bee hives in the city (on rooftops and patios).

-Ford made its biggest profits in years due to building smaller and more fuel efficient cars (who would have thought).

-In local news there is a company that has patented the process of turning plastic back into crude oil in a relatively safe and environmentally friendly way. Hopefully this will mean getting rid of all the plastic in landfills, next step, get people to stop buying bottled water.  

That’s all I got for now, time to play mad scientist. Hope you all have a dandy rest of your week, if you have any suggestions for research topics hit me up.

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