Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Comfort of Home

If you have ever seen my house you know I live in a small one. And that is by no accident. I love the simplicity and comfort of a small house. For starters there is no room for stuff. "Stuff" in my mind are the things that we collect along the way that fill the rooms of our houses but have no emotional value or practical purpose. If your house is small you don't feel the uncontrollable urge to fill it. By not feeling the need to fill, you are not only saving money, but limiting the amount of items that you carry throughout your life to things that really mean something to you. And that in itself can greatly reduce stress.

Small houses also automatically greatly reduce your carbon footprint. As already stated you are not consuming as many products for lack of space. But you are also spending less energy on heating and electricity costs. You use less chemicals to clean the house because there is physically less space that needs cleaned. This not only reduces the amount of money spent and waste spent but also reduces the amount of your personal time spent picking up the limited number of items you have accumulated in a smaller amount of space. See what I am getting at here? Less stuff, more money, more time, happier you.

Below are some pictures of little houses that make me giddy. I love small houses in the city, but I go crazy for small houses in wide open spaces. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition between small comforts and wild nature. Maybe it me longing for my childhood. Maybe it’s the reality that none of these places are anywhere near an office building and being there would mean I am free from the constraints of a normal job. Whatever it is, they are always beautiful. And they always make me dream sweet dreams of freedom, and fresh air.

All pictures re-blogged from http://www.wherethelovelythingsare.com/

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