Friday, April 29, 2011


I have a fairly obsessive crush on European style steel frame bicycles. Something about the clean lines and simple detailing make me happy.

Because of this, for the past three years I have been riding a vintage blue Schwinn that I lovingly named Dorothy Ann. Dorothy Ann has treated me well, we’ve covered a lot of miles together, but she is rickety and old. She is starting to rust and short of a couple thousand dollar tune up, she’s not going to last forever.

I have been thinking of getting a new bike for a number of years now but I never like any of them. Either they are way too fancy or the frames are just flat out ugly. I think things have finally come together, my need for a sturdy bike, good for hauling things (short commuting and grocery getting), steel frame (lasts longer in this ohso wet city of mine), built in fenders, and soooo pretty, have all come together in the Raleigh Roadster. I test drive it today and if all goes to well I plan on doing no driving except for to and from work. Happy Friday to me! Hope you all have something amazing going on this weekend to bring some joy after a long-long week.

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