Thursday, August 18, 2011

Good Golly Miss Molly

Or as my Auntie M would say “Oy Vey” ( yes I have an Auntie M, no she doesn’t live in Kansas). The last couple weeks have been busy, stressful, and just plain insanity. Both Best Friend and Boyfriend decided to move in the same week. Both now living closer to me which is good, but owning a Subaru means helping is just a given. So my car and I have gotten a hearty work out the last couple weeks. In my own life, I also chose this as the prime moment to sign up for the GRE and apply to Grad-school. Never mind the fact that I am starting back up with my Med-school pre-reqs the day before I take the GRE. Oh, and I am also currently in the throes of switching banks and insurance companies. Yes, timing isn’t always my strong suit. With that said, posting has obviously taken a back seat lately. But given I do not eat fast food, I still had to feed myself in a somewhat healthy manner, here are a few things that came about. 

{A pic-nic meal to keep me going}

There have been a lot of quick healthy low cost meals that I have managed to sling together at the last minute while running out the door. Sadly I do not have pictures of all of them (I have talents but running and eating and taking pictures all at the same time are not chief among them).

Taco Bowl
(for when you get halfway through making tacos and realize your tortillas have mold on them)

- 1/2 cup ground meat (optional) I used buffalo because its what I had
- 1/2 cup refried or soaked beans
- 1 cup raw chopped cabbage
- taco seasoning to taste
- salsa to taste
- blue corn chips

Cook meat in skillet first if using, then add beans. When warm throw everything in a bowl and mix. It is surprisingly good and takes all about  5 minutes to make.

 {Lebanese Squash, nutty and amazing!}

Farmers Market Pasta
(for when you bought a bunch of veggies at the farmers market and have no idea what to do with them)

-1/2 cup Lebanese Squash
-1/2 cup Heirloom Tomato
-1/2 cup Shiitaki Mushroom
- 1/2 cup Chippolini Onion
- Chopped Garlic
- Whole wheat Angle Hair Pasta
- Meat of choice

I used a spicy Louisiana Sausage because it was what I had in my fridge but I think roasted chicken would be great too. Or no meat at all your choice. Throw all veggies in a pan with olive oil, sauté. Add salt and pepper to taste, if using meat add precooked meat to the mess and remove from heat when looking done. When pasta is done cooking (angle hair is super fast if veggies started at same time they should finish at the same time as well). Toss together and done. Also good with a dusting of grated hard cheese like parmesan or imberico if you eat the dairy.

{Patty Pan Squash is great cooked down into tomato sauce}

Pie Crust Remake
I also took a normal pie crust recipe and substituted in whole wheat flour and coconut oil. By doing so I opened up a world of pie like foods with one simple crust. By cooking down some tomatoes and patty pan squash with onions and garlic I created a quick calzone like pizza pie. I also filled some left over pie-crust with homemade jam for some hilariously large disaster like pop tarts that I am now calling a jam calzone because no human size toaster could take the giant pastry. But despite my inability to properly judge sizes when I am cooking, they were still quite good and very tart.

 {The more sucessful of the pocket pies}

{The poptart epic fail}

For a more sucessful go at homemade pop-tarts try Deb's over the Smitten Kitchen.

That’s all I got. Stay tuned for a DIY lunch bag instruction. But not yet, I have to get back to my real job. Tah-Tah for now.

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