Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Fun Day : Summer Essentials

Summer Must Haves


Well its Friday and the eve of a wonderfully long holiday weekend. To celebrate I thought I would put together a grouping of things that are essential to me for a healthy summer day (friends don’t judge this is merely a first attempt at a design set). 

1. Hats are necessary to keep extra sun off a most likely un-sun screened and probably very pale scalp.

2. Sun with UV lenses protect eyes from sun damage. Your eyes are an exposed organ & very sensitive, be good to them.

3. Good summer reading is always a must for me, this particular book is one of my favorites.

4. Canvas tote bags are tough enough to carry anything and if they get dirty just throw them in the wash.

5. A light airy organic cotton dress will keep shoulders free of sun damage but keep you cool.

6. Lavender is a natural bug repellent, having it around will ward off all sorts of pests safely.

7. A good SPF chap stick is important since you will likely be consuming large amounts of liquid and thus washing away sunscreen constantly. The Yes to Carrots is a great organic safe brand.

8. A good pair of walking shoes is essential, even more so if you are a biker (protect those toes). Tom's donates one pair to a child in need for every pair you buy.

9. Being on the go all day, especially in the summer, usually means you will feel the need to wash your hands or freshen up. Organic, compostable, hypo-allergenic body and face wipes will keep you clean without killing friendly bacteria or exposing you to harmful chemicals.

10. Witch Hazel is a go to cleanser. It cleans out pours much like and astringent but also leaves skin moisturized and protected from the sun.

Thats all for now ladies and gents. Just a few more hours of work and freedom! Happy Fourth of July all!

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