Monday, September 20, 2010

Every Body is Unique

 I'm just a girl. Normal, probably not. Ordinary, most definitely not. I sing regardless of tone deafness, love the smell of books, fascinated by trees, art nuevo&deco architecture makes me weak in the knees, I am apprehensive about all things "popular", and living a weird juxtaposition of loving the city I live in but craving wide open space. Unique, just like everyone else.

A few years ago my ears pricked up when I heard the word Naturopathic Physician. Do tell I thought. Well, since I was ease dropping it was more me trying to use “the force” to turn up the conversation volume. It didn’t work. What I did get out of it was: there is such a thing as a Naturopathic Physician. I meant to go right home and research it. I honestly don’t recall what happened, but I am me, so I probably spilled coffee on myself, spent the next ten minutes in the bathroom trying to de-stain myself, got distracted by how late I was and forgot all about the conversation.

Fast forward a few years and I am now a regular Naturopathic Physician client. Has my doctor solved on my problems? No. But the journey has begun, every day I am learning new tools to help myself. I am learning ways to question the truths my Medical Doctors have told me. I am learning that every body is different just like everybody is unique.  

The point being, a motto I have always held as true has now become even more important in my life: nothing worth doing is ever easy.  So I carry on, knowing I don’t have all the answers, knowing it will be frustrating, but knowing somewhere along the way I may inspire others to take up the work of saving themselves, their health, their mental and emotional clarity, and like the end of any long voyage be happier for having done it. 

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